UITP summit to host world premiere public transport innovations

Innovation is the beating heart of public transport and the upcoming UITP Global Public Transport Summit (15-17 May 2017) in Montréal will be unique in hosting numerous World Premiere innovations that are helping to shape the future of the industry.

The UITP (International Association of Public Transport) Global Public Transport Summit will set the stage for the first official public unveiling of numerous state-of-the-art public transport products or services. These World Premieres, revealed for the very first time at the UITP Summit, will be a key part of the event’s 25,000m² Exhibition, where 330 companies from more than 30 countries will display their latest vehicles, solutions and products.

The World Premieres are part of UITP’s brand new InnovHub concept to be launched at the Summit. The initiative gathers some of the most remarkable projects and bright ideas from UITP with its members fostering innovation in public transport, englobing various innovative activities and projects at the Summit, from the World Premieres to the UITP Awards and more.

The World Premieres include:

AlstomSmart operations with Mastria’s multimodal solution. Mastria is Alstom’s innovative multimodal system, which aims at streamlining urban transport management by improving capacity and fluidity. Mastria is designed to meet the current and future needs of ‘smart cities,’ it can coordinate and optimise all types of public transport, from rail to road. Alstom is a worldwide provider of sustainable mobility solutions.

AIT – Austrian Institute of Technology – is at the forefront of scientific research in Multi-modal Mobility Systems dedicated to provide innovative and sustainable solutions for capturing, predicting and optimising the mobility of people and goods and infrastructure conditions. AIT will present Experience and Travel Mode Identification:

 Experience is a service to evaluate wayfinding systems and architectural designs before they are built. Using virtual reality technologies it allows to analyse capacity, throughput, walkability and wayfinding systems.

Travel Mode Identification (TMI) is an innovative software solution automatically identifying travel modes of people carrying a smartphone without any user intervention. Possible applications are e.g. simple and reliable mobility surveys and novel solutions for automated ticketing.

 Syntony GNSS – is a game changer providing high performance solutions for underground and confined environment location.

 SubWave+ is a brand-new solution, offering underground precise location for everybody. SubWave+ is the sister product of SubWave, an operational solution also designed by Syntony and already deployed in 100% of stations in the Stockholm metro. Subwave makes it possible to locate emergency calls and metro agents underground. SubWave brings zone based location capability and seamless indoor/outdoor transition, and is compatible with 100% of TETRA, train or car GPS, and smartphones receivers without any application download or upgrade. Similarly to SubWave, SubWave+ brings GPS compatibility, but in addition, it offers high precision. SubWave+ extends the coverage of GPS constellations indoor, sharing with the telecommunication system the radiating cables already installed in the station or the tunnels, and plugs into your control system. It is easy to install, quick to deploy and has limited maintenance providing unbeatable TCO.

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