14 de junho de 2024

Noerpel logistics group orders 155 Kögel trailers

Ulm-based C.E. Norpel GmbH has been a successful logistics service provider for 135 years and is nowadays one of the leading logistics companies in southern Germany as well as a regional frontrunner for exports in Europe. The company recently ordered 155 Kögel semi-trailers (110 new Kögel Cargo, 45 new Kögel Box – PurFerro quality) and Kögel telematics to bolster its leading position and expand its fleet of trailers in all 13 Noerpel locations in Germany. The logistics company will primarily deploy the new trailers for the transportation of bulk and piece goods throughout Europe.

The  Kögel Cargo comes with standard equipment, delivering well-known benefits such as low maintenance costs and high-quality workmanship. The VarioFix perforated steel external frame is equipped with 13 pairs of lashing rings for securing the load, each ring affording 2,000 kg of tensile force. Thanks to the use of the standard Kögel integral roof tarpaulin, there are no straps left hanging down when the roof is open because they are integrated into the roof tarpaulin. This means that the straps cannot get snagged up when loading and unloading.

To protect the interior of the front wall from damage during everyday use, it is fitted with an optional 18 millimetre thick and 2,500 millimetre high textured coated board. As requested the rear of the vehicles are equipped with reinforced steel rubber bumpers for enhanced bump protection. This protection is completed by a steel pipe on the end plate of the frame. Additional individual equipment in each trailer includes two additional rows of slat pockets, a steel lamp mounting, two tarpaulin rope holders on the front wall, an odometer and much more.

The  Kögel  Box – PurFerro sturdy chassis, which uses the Kögel modular system, withstands every ramp and any forklift truck with its consistent modules, assemblies and components and its standard reinforced rear frame with its rigidly welded steel bridging plate and steel rubber bumpers. The box body of the Kögel Box – PurFerro quality contains a high-quality, 100-percent CFC-free, insulating special foam polymer. The robust, easy-to-maintain steel covering layer is also coated with hard PVC film on the inside. The 30 millimetre thick walls and 40 millimetre thick insulated roof are produced in-house and ensure perfect protection for temperature-sensitive goods. The four interior LED lights integrated in the roof provide optimum lighting for the entire loading platform.

The Noerpel dry freight box bodies are equipped for double-level loading with guide rails and 23 loading bars with a load capacity of 1,000 kilograms each. This allows variable level loading with up to 33 Euro pallets with a maximum weight of 670 kilograms per pallet. Additional individual equipment in each trailer includes reinforced steel rubber bumpers, a reinforced front wall interior, combined anchor rails, an odometer and much more.

All 155 trailers are also equipped with the Kögel trailer telematics system. This provides Noerpel with real-time access to trailer EBS, positioning and semi-trailer data. In addition to this, Noerpel will use the self-explanatory and user-friendly Kögel telematics web portal.

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